Home Schooling Guidelines & Requirements


Home Schooling is an available option for some families who wish to provide every aspect of their child’s education. To begin a home schooling, you must notify the Office of Teaching and Learning (annually) of your intent to home school, prior to the start of the school year. The requirements involve preparing an educational plan for approval by the Franklin Public Schools. Assessment/progress results will also need to be submitted and approved at the end of the school year. Upon approval of a home school plan, your child will be withdrawn from the Franklin Public Schools and the resources associated with the Franklin Public Schools will no longer be available to you. This includes, but is not limited to, curriculum materials, books, and Chromebooks.  

It is important to note that home schooling is different from remote learning. The remote learning model is being provided to all students enrolled in the Franklin Public Schools during the pandemic. This encompasses curriculum, instruction, assessment, and materials provided by the Franklin Public Schools for all students. Teachers are assigned to teach classes as they typically would in person. Students will complete a full day of education at home that is a blend of online learning, class face time with peers and teacher(s), and independent work. When schools are able to transition back to either a hybrid or fully in-person model of instruction, all students engaged in remote learning will be a part of that transition back to school. 

Massachusetts Home Schooling Guidelines

Franklin Public Schools Home Schooling Policy