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The purpose of the School Handbook is to provide students and families with information about the policies and procedures which govern academic and student life at the school. The policies and procedures set forth in the handbook are designed to promote a rigorous, safe and nurturing environment for students that enable the school community to focus on the learning process.

Please note that for the 2020-21 school year each level has an addendum to detail matters specific to reopening schools amidst Covid-19.

Annie Sullivan Middle
Davis Thayer Elementary
Early Childhood Development Center
Franklin High
Gerald M. Parmenter Elementary
Helen Keller Elementary
Horace Mann Middle
Jefferson Elementary
John F. Kennedy Elementary
Oak Street Elementary
Remington Middle
Covid-19 Addendums by Level
Elementary Covid-19 Addendum
Elementary Virtual Learning Academy Covid-19 Addendum
Annie Sullivan Middle Schools Covid-19 Addendum
Horace Mann Middle School Covid-19 Addendum
Remington Middle School Covid-19 Addendum

High School Covid-19 Addendum


April 2021 Return to School Handbook Updates by level
Middle Schools
High School