COVID UPDATE: Having troubles with your Chromebook? Complete a tech work order and someone will contact you to help

Your student's Chromebook is the property of the Franklin Public Schools and is theirs to use as long as they are a Franklin High School student. Once they either withdraw from Franklin High School or are about to graduate, they must return their Chromebook to the FHS Library/Media center. There will be specific times for graduating seniors to return their Chromebooks after they have completed their final exams. Withdrawing students must return their chromebooks during the withdrawal process or their family will receive a bill for $200.00 to replace it.

Chromebook Insurance

Insurance can be purchased for your student's Chromebook for the entire year. The policy you purchase (price for 2019-2020 school year is $40 per student) for your student's Chromebook is good from the day you purchase it until the day before the next school year starts. There is an online payment portal for Chromebook Insurance that opens in August and stays open until mid-Spetmeber. Once the cutoff day  in mid-September comes, you cannot purchase Chromebook Insurance beyond that date. Students that register to attend FHS after that time have one week to pay this fee by check, if they desire. Although not mandatory, the Insurance is highly recommended. Anyone wanting to purchase the Chromebook Insurance during the purchase period may do so by check made out to Town Of Franklin and dropped off in the FHS Main Office. Checks will only be accepted during the August to mid September Insurance purchase period.  Insurance covers standard breakage, malfunctions. It does not cover intentional damage or loss of the Chromebook.  

Problems with your Chromebook?

If your student is having issues with their Chromebook, they can stop in the Library/Media center and visit the Panther Tech Help Desk first. Students man the desk and can often solve issues with Chromebooks. If the issue is not able to be solved there, then the librarian will take your student's Chromebook and send it out for repair, while giving them a library loaner to use in the interim.


Franklin Public School District's Acceptable Use of Technology Policy:

School sanctioned information technology resources are provided for educational purposes. Adherence to the rules is necessary for continued access to the school’s technology resources. 

Franklin Public Schools Rules for Technology Use:

>    I will respect and protect the privacy of others
>    I will use only assigned accounts
>    I will not view, use, or copy passwords, data, or networks that are  not authorized
>    I will not distribute private information about myself or others
>    I will respect the integrity, availability and security of all electronic resources
>    I will observe all security practices
>    I will report security risks or violations to my teacher or administrator
>    I will not destroy or damage data, network, or other resources
>    I will respect and protect the intellectual property of others
>    I will not infringe on copyrights
>    I will not plagiarize
>    I will follow all school rules and the code of conduct in school handbooks
>    I will not harass or cyber bully other students
>    I will not access, transmit, copy or create material that violates the school’s code of conduct
>    I will not use resources to initiate or further acts that are criminal or violate the school’s code of     conduct.
>    I will not send spam, chain letters or other unsolicited mailings
>    I will not buy, sell, advertise or conduct business unless approved as a school project