Student Registrar

Staff -Located inside the FHS Main Office



Ms. Ivy Patten

Student Registrar

(508) 613-1424   

What does the Student Registrar do?

  • It is the responsibility of the Student Registrar to account for every student in the building-to ensure they reside in Franklin, and that we have all of the current information about them. This includes contact information, state required demographic information, parental consents where required, medical information, academic information, and more.
  • Provides FHS Alumni with Official Transcripts to send to colleges, prospective employers, and to fulfill scholarship application requirements.
  • Makes grade changes and transcript adjustments at the request of teachers and administration.
  • Insures that all student information is accurate for MA state reporting.
  • Registers new students during the summer, during the school year, and withdraws students when they leave FHS.
  • Maintains and provides enrollment figures.
  • Analyzes student data for the Administration, teachers, and the Superintendent.
  • Maintains and updates the Franklin High School website
  • Sends out targeted mass notifications for Administrators and teachers, as requested

Helpful Links for Families:

If parents are divorced, for your student's protection, please make sure that FHS has a copy of your custody agreement in your student's file.  You can send in a copy of that paperwork to me in the Main Office and I will make sure it is filed into your student's paper file.

School Committee Policies Related to Student Registration