Senior Project


Welcome to Senior Project. Senior Project is your chance to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and maturity you have achieved throughout your school career thus far. In participating in Senior Project, you choose an area of study that interests you and then work within that area to gain practical experience before graduating. Senior Project is an exciting and unique opportunity to satisfy your curiosity, help you to determine your future plans and to achieve professional and personal goals. Because your Senior Project involves an area that interests you, the project promotes an inquiry process that stimulates your thinking, engages you in authentic tasks, and ultimately demonstrates mastery in your area of study.

Senior Project is a creative yet structured, deadline oriented program that is graded and added to your transcript. However, you have plenty of support as you navigate through the project. Your support team includes: your parent/guardian(s), a teacher-mentor (faculty member) and a site advisor (expert in the area of study at the work site). Your team guides you, while evaluating your progress as you work toward the final grade. In most cases, your area of study will provide the opportunity to work at a company, much like a college internship. Representing Franklin High School, you are expected to be self motivated and be able to work within the framework of the company.

Staff  Contacts

Mr. Miguel CarmoSenior Project CoordinatorsExt. 1672
Ms. Dawn FernandesSenior Project CoordinatorsExt. 1558