Mission Statement

Academic Expectations for Student Learning

In order for Franklin High School students to become responsible and passionate learners, we expect them to be able to:

  1. Communicate effectively through:
    1. Listening;
    2. Speaking;
    3. Writing;
    4. A variety of media and techniques;
    5. Creating and performing.
  2. Read critically with understanding.
  3. Analyze and solve problems effectively by:
    1. Identifying, clarifying and describing issues/problems;
    2. Locating, organizing and processing information from various sources;
    3. Utilizing thinking skills and reasoning strategies;
    4. Creating, testing and justifying solutions and conclusions.
  4. Make interdisciplinary connections through:
    1. Observing and understanding connections within and between disciplines;
    2. Articulating and demonstrating these connections;
  5. Demonstrate knowledge and skills to promote health, safety and well-being of oneself and others.

Social and Civic Expectations

In order to help prepare our students to be contributors to our democratic society and an interdependent world, we expect them to:

  1. Have respect for themselves and others;
  2. Be open minded and compassionate;
  3. Make informed decisions and accept responsibility for them;
  4. Be involved in school and community activities;
  5. Develop and cultivate knowledge of their physical, emotional and social well-being;
  6. Utilize effective problem solving strategies to resolve social and emotional issues;
  7. Be responsible citizens.

Adopted: September 2008