School Year Forms

Forms that are required to be filled out each year for each of your FHS Students

These (2) forms are to be completed at the start of each school year, for each of your students. If a new student enters during the year;  you will need to complete these 2 forms and the 4 forms below. The 

  1. Student Handbook Receipt Form: This must be completed for each of your FHS Students each year. A paper version of this form is available in the FHS Main Office. Please read the current school year version of the student handbook prior to completing this form. All changes from last year's handbook will be highlighted in green. 
  2. Nurse Emergency Card Form:  This must be completed for each of your FHS Students each year. A paper version of this form is available in the FHS Main Office

All incoming 9th graders and new upperclassmen need to complete the above as well as these forms:

  • Chromebook Consent/Participation/Opt Out Form:  Complete this when your students begins at FHS; no need to complete it again.  If you got your Chromebook last year, and submitted this form, (online or on paper) you do not need to fill this out again. If you wish to OPT OUT of this program, please use this form to do so.
  • Acceptable Use of Technology Form -Complete this when your students begins at FHS; no need to complete it again
  • Student Release Form-Complete this when your students begins at FHS; no need to complete it again


These forms can be used as needed or required during the school year: 

  • Student Parking Registration Form:  Registration for 2019-2020 is now closed. Please contact Mr. Lestage with questions: [email protected]
  • Alumni Transcript Request Form:  To be used by graduates of FHS and those who withdrew before graduating to obtain an official  transcript to send to a college or future employer. Please allow 1 week for processing. There is currently no cost associated with this request.  Current FHS students can obtain a transcript from the Guidance Department.
  • Aspen Parent Portal Request Form:  Use this online form to request that an Aspen Parent Portal be created for you. If you have a Parent portal but are having difficulties logging in, please email Ms. Ivy Patten for a portal password re-set.  If you have changed email addresses and need to change your Parent Portal log in email address, please send that request to Ms. Patten as well. Please allow at least one week to process this request, longer if it is the beginning of the school year.
  • Contact Information Changes, Additions, Deletions:  Make changes to your child's Aspen contacts including adding a new contact, removing an existing contact, changing the email address and/or phone numbers for an existing contact. If you have changed your name, you can use this form to let us know as well.
  • Free and Reduced Price School Meal Application:  Online application for the 2019-2020 school year.   
  • Insurance Claim Form For Lost or Stolen Chromebook
  • Military Opt Out Form-This form is to be used ONLY IF YOU WISH TO OPT OUT OF SHARING YOUR STUDENT"S INFORMATION WITH MILITARY RECRUITERS. If you consent to share that information, please do not complete this form. This form only has to be completed one time for the OPT OUT to carry throughout your student's FHS career. There is no need to complete it every year.
  • New Student Registration Checklist and Forms:  Use this checklist to determine which documents you will need to gather and which online forms you will need to fill out to register your student. It is not necessary for 8th grade students who are attending Horace Mann, Remington, or Sullivan and will be attending FHS in the Fall to complete this form. Your electronic records as well as your complete student file will be forwarded us to us automatically over the summer between 8th and 9th grade.  Benjamin Franklin Classical Charter School students and students who attended any other middle schools outside of the Franklin Public Schools need to use this form.
  • P.E. Pathways Selection form-to be completed by11th and 12th graders at the start of the school year to let your Guidance Counselor know which PE Pathway you have chosen for the year.
  • P.E. Pathways Documentation of Participation Form:  To be completed  at the end of the school year by 11th and 12th graders in Pathway #2 and Pathway#3 to document your physical education participation.