New Student Registration

In order to register your student for Franklin High School, in Franklin, Massachusetts, you must be a Franklin resident.
*The only families that need to complete this New Student Registration process for their student(s):
  • Those students that have just moved to Franklin, those students who are transferring to FHS from private high schools, online schools, religious high schools, home schooling, or Tri-County, or any students who did not attend Franklin Public Schools this year
  • Students entering 9th grade who attended and completed their 8th grade year at Horace Mann, Annie Sullivan, or Remington Middle Schools do not need to complete this process
STEP 1  Please do whatever your student's prior school requires to withdraw them formally from that school. This will help us to obtain their records and speed up the registration process on our end
STEP 2 : The first part of our registration process is an online "Aspen" registration. Aspen is our Student Information System. Click the blue link to view Aspen Registration Instructions and to access the Aspen New Student Registration portal >> FPS Aspen New Student Registration portal and instructions Please note, until this step is complete your student will not be in our electronic system and we cannot go any further.  You will be required to upload your student's birth certificate, medical records, your proof of residency in Franklin, your photo ID, and a selfie photo (of you) to the Aspen Registration portal.  If you previously used an Aspen parent portal and need a password reset, click HERE
STEP 3 Once you have completed the Aspen Online Registration the Superintendent's office will review your responses and uploaded documents. If they have all they need, they will create (or re-enable) your student's Aspen account. If they need something else from you, they will email you.

The following additional steps need to be taken to complete your student's registration at Franklin High School :

Step 4:  Scan or take a photo of the following documents (or have prior school email them) and email them to the FHS REGISTRAR at:

  • Release of Information Form<<please click on this link, print form, complete it, sign the bottom, and email the completed form back to the FHS Registrar at ; this will be used to request student academic records from prior school.
  • Transcript from previous school- Upperclassmen will need an official transcript from last high school. Incoming 9th graders can provide a final 8th grade report card in lieu of a transcript. You can also have previous school email this document to the FHS Registrar directly at:
  • Attendance and Discipline Records from previous school-student cannot start school at FHS unless we have these documents in hand.  Click here to print our Discipline and Attendance release form to hand to your old school for completion, or you can forward it to them.  You can also have previous school email the attendance and discipline information on their own form directly to the FHS registrar at
  • Immunization record All immunizations must be up to date; FHS School Nurse will review this information. Student cannot start school at FHS unless we have this in hand. (if you did not already upload it to the Aspen registration)
  • Last Physical examination-physicals are valid for 13 months from date of physical. (if you did already not upload it to the Aspen registration)
  • IEP-including most recent evaluation reports, or 504 plan, if applicable
  • MCAS Scores if student attended school in Massachusetts before registering at FHS
  • ELL Records/ACCESS testing, if applicable, for students whose native language is not English
Complete all of the following (3) additional required online forms by clicking on the name of each of them:

These additional forms are for your convenience, but not required:

STEP 5:  Once you have completed the online registration form, have received a confirmation from the registrar that your documents were complete and approved, and you have emailed all of the additional required documents (from step #4 of this page), and completed the (3) online forms (from step#4 of this page), the FHS Registrar will email or call you to make an appointment with a Guidance Counselor to create a class schedule and have a building tour. 

The Franklin High School Student Registrar, Mrs. Ivy Patten, can be reached at
Phone: (508)-613-1424  ♦ FAX (508)-613-1510 
Registrar's hours year round: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM.