New Student Registration

Franklin High School
New Student Registration Checklist


How do I register my student at Franklin High School? 
(for families of Benajmin Franklin Charter School 8th graders see * at bottom of this page)
The following steps need to be taken, in this order, to register your child at Franklin High School :
1) Obtain a stamped Residency Statement at the Franklin School Superintendent's Office at 355 East Central Street, 3rd Floor.Once you have done this, an electronic record is created for your child in our Aspen System. You will include the Residency Statement document with the other forms and documents you need to complete registration at Franklin High School. Click here to view what you need to bring with you to get your Residency Statement. 


2) Gather the following documents:
  • Residency Statement (The pink form that was stamped for you at Franklin School Superintendent’s Office)
  • Transcript from previous school- If you can get this to us ahead of time, it will save time during your appointment. See below for contact information. Incoming 9th graders can provide a final 8th grade report card in lieu of a transcript.
  • Attendance and Discipline Records from previous school-student cannot start school at FHS unless we have these documents in hand.  Click here to print our Discipline and Attendance release form to hand to your old school for completion.
  • Child’s Birth certificate (we will make a copy)
  • Immunization record from physician; All immunizations must be up to date; student cannot start school at FHS unless we have this in hand.
  • Last Physical examination on physician’s letterhead
  • Copy of any IEP or 504, if applicable
  • ELL Records/testing, if applicable
  • Release of Information Form –please click here, print, and complete
  • Home Language Survey-please click here to print, and complete
  • Legal Guardianship Documents, if applicable
  • Custody Documentation, if applicable, and for the safety of children, single parents must bring legal documentation verifying they have physical custody of the child/children ( i.e. court order, divorce document or a notarized custody form provided by central office) with them when they go to the Superintendent's Office to obtain the Residency Statement. This includes separations, shared and joint custody arrangements. 
3) Complete all of the following (6) online forms by clicking on each of them:
These forms/information are for your convenience, but not required:
4) Once you have gathered and obtained all of the required documents and completed the (6) online forms, please call the Student Registrar to make an appointment with a Guidance Counselor to create a class schedule. Either prior to or on the day of your Guidance appointment, bring all of your documents to the Student Registrar before your appointment.



The Franklin High School Student Registrar, Ms. Ivy Patten, can be reached at (508)-613-1424. Student Registrar hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 AM to 3:00 PM. You can email Ms. Patten at   The FAX number for the Student Registrar's Office is (508)-613-1510. Mailing address for Franklin High School is: 218 Oak Street, Franklin, MA 02038

* BFCCPS student registration consists only of: 
1. Your student completing an FHS paper course selection sheet distributed by and returned to the Charter School
2. Parent/Guardian obtaining a Residency Statement at the Franklin School Superintendent's Office (355 East Central St.,Franklin Municipal Bldg., 3rd Floor) and then sending it in to the FHS Main Office
3. Parent/Guardian completing ONLY the  the New Student Information online Form in section 3 of this page.
The student's course selection sheet will be sent to FHS from the Charter School Guidance Dept.
-If you are a custodial parent or a legal guardian, please bring that documentation with you to the Superintendent's Office when you go to get your Residency Statement.
-If your student has an IEP or 504, please include that with your Residency Statment when you drop it off at the FHS Main Office.