Nutrition Initiatives 

Pollinator Pastures

Franklin Public Schools Partnered with our local Agway, Franklin Agri-Committee and Jefferson Elementary teachers to plant seedlings. The seedlings are currently being cared for by one of our Jefferson teachers and we are hoping they will be able to plant them at some point.  The project will continue and SWAC will look to recommit to this partnership when school resumes.

Pollinator Pastures


Under the guidance of our Food Services Director, FPS began growing tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, peppers, bok choy, peas at Franklin High School.  The goal is to serve and make use of the freshly grown produce and herbs as part of our school lunch program. Prior to the closure, there was some interest in FHS AP Environmental Science classes and the Green team club to help care for the plants.   

Hydroponics Garden

Hydroponics Plants

Family Dinners 

The SWAC Committee focused on spreading the message about how important it is for families to make time to eat together, creating a public service announcement detailing the benefits.  The Importance of Family Dinners flyer is posted on our websites and was included in the Superintendent's Message to all district families.  Families today are busier than ever and finding time to prepare a meal can prove difficult. To help support our families, we also provided a Quick and Healthy Meals flyer with the help of our parent representative and nutritionist, Stacey Federico. This flyer gives examples of healthy meals that can be prepared quickly with items available at any local supermarket.  FPS Lifelong Learning offered a cooking class in the evening with Colin Boisvert titled Quick, Easy, and Healthy Weeknight Meals, to provide and enhance skills and knowledge needed to cook at home. 

Food Services

FPS Food Services continues to expand and improve upon the food options offered to our students.  Last year, they increased the volume of organic produce by partnering with local organic farmers.  This year, they partnered with Red’s Best to provide local seafood sourcing. Red's Best provides locally caught and sustainably sourced seafood to our schools for fresh preparation. This program not only allows us to serve freshly caught seafood in our schools but also helps local fishermen.

Reds Best Meal