School Choice Program


This program is voted on by the Franklin School Committee every spring. However, numbers of students admitted will be based on space available as determined by the school district.

UPDATE:  Due to budgetary constraints and class sizes, the Franklin School Committee, at its April 12, 2022 meeting, voted to not accept any new school choice students for the 2022-2023 school year.


The School Choice Program allows students from Massachusetts towns other than Franklin to attend the Franklin Public Schools. The School Choice Program is only available for non-residents, as determined by the Department of Education. Transportation to Franklin will be the responsibility of the parent.


Applications for School Choice (when the School Committee votes to accept students) may be obtained by contacting the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at (508) 553-4819.

Completed applications for the School Choice Program will be accepted by the Superintendent of Schools via the U.S. Postal Service or other mail delivery service. Applications should be addressed to:

School Choice Program
Office of the Superintendent of Schools
355 East Central Street; Suite 3
Franklin, MA 02038

Should the number of applications exceed the number of vacancies, all applications not chosen will be placed on a waiting list based on the grade level indicated in the application.


Students accepted into the School Choice Program will be notified as openings take place. Usually decisions are made in June for fall placement. Parents must make a commitment, in writing, to accept placement when notified by the Franklin Public Schools.

Students accepted for the School Choice program who meet federal guidelines for free or reduced price lunch are also eligible for reimbursement for transportation to and from school. Additional information can be obtained from the office of the Superintendent of Schools.

Students on the waiting list will be contacted once school enrollments are determined. Based on the space available, parent's requests will be determined and parents will be notified as quickly as possible.