In-District Programs



IDEAS Program
Independence, Driven, Esteem, Academics, Social Communication


The IDEAS program provides an environment of structured, multi-sensory instruction addressing all areas of language development throughout the school day. Students in the IDEAS program are held to high educational expectations based on curriculum standards. Necessary supports are provided to students in order to develop their skills in the areas of receptive and expressive language (both oral and written) across curriculum areas as well as within the areas of social pragmatics and social communication for the purpose of increasing self-esteem and working toward independence and success in inclusive settings.

REACH Program

REsiliency and ACHievement

Mission Statement

The REACH Program offers students a safe and structured continuum of therapeutic supports and specialized instruction to foster social-emotional growth across all settings while accessing rigorous academic experiences. The REACH Program explicitly teaches positive self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making to promote independence and personal success.

GOALS Program
Generalization Of Academics, Language, Social Skills


The GOALS program is designed to provide an educational environment in which students with Autism and related disabilities learn academic, communication and social skills needed to be contributing members of the school and community. A primary focus of the program is to build independence in the areas of communication and social skills necessary to access curricula and social opportunities in the general education setting. Students’ individualized needs are met through a transdisciplinary approach using evidence-based teaching practices.

STRIVE Program

Mission Statement

The STRIVE Program provides an environment of consistent educational and behavioral support. Students are provided with access to modified curriculum in order to allow each student to develop to their maximum potential at their own pace. Skill development in this program focuses on communication, functional academics, social pragmatics, activities of daily living, motor skills, sensory processing, and vocational skills for the purpose of working toward independence and success with school, home and the community at large.