KE - Public Complaints

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Although no member of the community will be denied the right to bring their complaints to the Committee, they will be referred through the proper administrative channels for solution before investigation or action by the Committee.  Exceptions will be made when the complaints concern Committee actions or Committee operations only.

Suggestions or complaints must be presented in writing to the Superintendent of Schools or to the School Committee.  In case of a complaint(s), the complainant shall take the matter first to the staff member, and if unresolved to the Principal of the building, then to the Superintendent of Schools or his/her designee, who, if he/she is unable to satisfy the complainant, shall report the case to the School Committee for consideration and action.

If a complaint, which was presented to the Committee and referred back through the proper channels, is adjusted before it comes back to the School Committee, a report of the disposition of the matter will be made to the Committee and then placed in the official files.

The Committee expects the professional staff to receive complaints courteously and to offer a proper reply to the complainant.

Reviewed, no revisions 3/26/13