IKB - Homework Policy


The Franklin Public Schools recognize that meaningful and purposeful homework assists a student in the reinforcement and extension of learning and provides an opportunity for families to better understand the academic work of children at their grade level.

The Franklin Public Schools are committed to the education of the “whole child” and recognize that students are active in many areas of daily life such as extra-curricular offerings, athletics, artistic and cultural endeavors, and participation in family routines and events. These pursuits help to develop students with strong social-emotional skills and will further instill a love of learning about topics of personal interest. Homework practices that are implemented in classrooms should both recognize the value of homework and maintain a developmentally appropriate balance between homework and other life activities.

As such, homework assignments should be:

  • Appropriate in time and frequency for the developmental stage of the child.
  • Meaningful, relevant and aligned with work in the classroom.
  • Have a clearly articulated purpose, educational objective and learning expectations.
  • Personalized to meet the needs of the learner.
  • Structured to provide students with feedback that leads to improved learning.
  • Consistent, to a reasonable degree, across grade levels and among classrooms.
  • Aligned with current research on best practice as well as school and District policies.

Professional staff in grades 6-12 are encouraged to consult with each other to the extent possible regarding planning of homework and projects to strive for a manageable workload for students.

Homework should be used only as a learning tool, may not be used for punishment, and students should not lose privileges, including recess, for not completing homework.

REF:  Homework Guidelines in Parent/Student Handbooks

Adopted by School Committee:  7/18/17
Reviewed; no revisions 6/4/19